Senior Therapist

Felipe Cepeda


Senior Therapist, Business and Healthcare Consultant, Professor, Dynamic Keynote Speaker

Professional Background

As an Effective and Committed Mental Health Professional with over 20 years of experience, I have dedicated my career to providing therapy, counselling, and coaching to a diverse clientele. My practice is rooted in evidence-based and client-centered methodologies, emphasizing empathy, compassion, and robust diagnostic abilities. I excel in managing diverse personalities, forging strong patient alliances, and promoting mental and emotional well-being through advanced therapeutic techniques.
In my role as a Senior Consultant and Dynamic Keynote Speaker, I bring extensive experience in both the business and healthcare sectors. My expertise lies in developing strategic plans, creating customized metrics, and implementing innovative solutions to enhance patient care. I possess a unique ability to communicate effectively with high-level decision makers, facilitating project advancement and organizational growth.
As a Passionate Coach and Mentor, I guide individuals and teams towards achieving their professional and personal best. My approach combines practical wisdom with motivational techniques, empowering clients to unlock their full potential.
As an Accomplished Professor, I blend academic rigor with practical experience, imparting knowledge and skills to aspiring mental health professionals. My teaching is enriched by my extensive clinical experience, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the mental health field.

Areas of Expertise

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