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#Positive Thoughts #Positive Life

Positive thoughts don’t mean that you ignore real-life situations, but it means that you respond to a negative situation in a more positive and optimistic way. Every time you face a challenging situation you hope for a desirable outcome rather than an impoverished one.

The first step to positive thinking is self-talk. Self-talk is endless thoughts that can be positive or negative. Some are logical and reasonable while others may come through errors and misunderstandings. Finding out if your thoughts are mostly positive, you are more likely to be an optimist otherwise a pessimist.

If you are a positive person there is good news for you! You may live a longer and healthier life with a lower risk of depression and stress. You enjoy better psychological, mental, and cardiovascular health and much more resilient to stressful situations. Your coping skills are stronger and you enjoy an active and healthier lifestyle.


What are Negative thoughts?

Filtering is maximizing the negative side of any situation and minimizing the positive aspect.

Personalizing is blaming yourself for anything bad or victimizing yourself.

Catastrophizing is anticipating the worst scenario without any real danger.

Black and White thinking are you only see things best or worst, there is no grey area.

If you are not sure about your thoughts and self-talk, don’t hesitate to seek help!

Learn how to think and stay positive… It’s achievable and we can help you through!

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