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Is there any place for imagination in this world of materialism ?

Imagination is my unicorn, I love to ride it all the time ~Zahra Syeda MD, MSc.

Is there any place for imagination in this world of materialism?

Absolutely, as the base of all these materialistic inventions around us is indeed human imagination!

The fascinating thing about imagination there is no rules and regulations to follow. Imagination seems so real in childhood but then we are conditioned to become “Realistic” as we grow older and lost touch with our inner world.

All we need to do is stop living in the real world and reconnect to our world of imagination.

Our imagination and visualization have the power to alter our perception of the world around us. To an extent, our mind can create reality at a neuronal level. By choosing to look on the bright side and see the glass as half-full we choose to be more hopeful and full of possibilities.

The man who has no imagination has no wings. – Muhammad Ali

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