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Our brain releases hormones when we experience love leading to euphoria, positive feelings, and an urge to have more! A love catalyst is an agent that enhances our experience.

Humans can experience eight types of love:

❤️Philia — Affectionate Love without romantic attraction and occurs between friends or family.
Catalyst: Mind

❤️Pragma — Enduring or bonded love that matures between couples over years.
Catalyst: Etheric

❤️Storge — Familiar Love is natural to love between parents and children or best friends.
Catalyst: Causal

❤️Eros — Romantic Love is a natural instinct displayed through physical affection.
Catalyst: Physical body

❤️Ludus — Playful or flirtatious love commonly found in the beginning stages of a relationship consists of teasing, playfulness, and laughter.
Catalyst: Astral

❤️Mania — Obsessive Love leads to jealousy or possessiveness .it’s found in couples with an imbalance of Eros and Ludus.
Catalyst: Survival instinct

❤️Philautia — Self Love is acknowledgement of our own well-being.
Catalyst: Soul

❤️Agape — Selfless Love is without any expectations of receiving anything in return.
Catalyst: Spirit

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