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Have you ever dated a person who lies about everything ?

Have you ever dated a person who lies about everything? Who lived in a fantasy world where everything they said felt like a mystery? Welcome to the world of liars! 🤥 Pathological lying (PL) is defined as frequent and repeated lying for which no obvious reasons or psychological motives can be discerned. Some pathological liars maybe even psychopaths or narcissists. Telling a lie for them is an automatic impulse as their world of fantasy is much different from the real world. They are gratified by telling lies and do not regret whatever they say. In other words, they tell the truth in a misleading way to cause people to view things in an incorrect fashion. They enjoy watching people in a maze of confusion. For them being truthful and behaving ethically is just too much effort. Dealing with them is not easy because they’re good manipulators and stalkers, so 🧿Protect your integrity! ⛔️Don’t confront them! 🚶♀️Keep yourself away from them! 🉑Confirm the truth and accept as they are!



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