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Do you want to train your brain?

Do you want to train your brain?

The human brain is not designed to create #happiness, we learn as we grow. In fact, the brain is wired to promote survival. It keeps the happy hormones (#dopamine#serotonin, and #oxytocin) for the opportunities to meet a survival need and is released in response to special occasions. This motivates us to do good to stimulate our happy chemicals.

Let’s see how to train your brain to see good in every situation:

🔷Keep track of your thoughts. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

🔷Practice #love and #gratitude.

🔷Scan for the 3 positives things daily.

🔷Be #patient and #kind to yourself.

🔷Be #happy in others #happiness.

🔷Volunteer and #help others.

🔷Surround yourself with positive people.

🔷 #Selfcare and look after your body and mind.

🔷Subconscious re-training and inner healing.

🔷Seek #professional help if needed.

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