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Do you trust your gut or do a lot of research?

There’s no bad decision, make a decision and prove it right ~ Zahra Syeda MD, MSc.

Do you trust your gut or do a lot of research?

Decision-making is an important part of our personal and professional life. We make decisions all the time!

Some of us take these actions quickly, while others take longer examining every factor.

The decision-making process can be both simple or complex. The strategy we use depends on various factors, including the overall complexity of the decision, and the amount of ambiguity that is involved.

How can we do that?

⭐️ Identifying the need to make a decision
⭐️Finding the alternative options
⭐️Weighing the evidence
⭐️Choosing the best
⭐️Taking action

The key here is to be aware of our actions and way of thinking. Just because we had a setback doesn’t mean our life is over.

Learn from your mistakes and move forward ➡️

Have a wonderful day everyone 💐

Happy holidays 🎄

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