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⚡Diabetes Mellitus Awareness⚡ Know thy enemy!

⚡Diabetes Mellitus Awareness⚡

Know thy enemy!

If you know the enemy you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

Prediabetes can be your friend or foe, depending on your awareness.

Risk factors:

❌Sedentary lifestyle including low Physical activity, smoking, and drinking.

Be more active, exercise regularly!

❌Abdominal girdle and visceral fat increase the risk.

Watch your tummy!

❌Unhealthy eating habits including Binge eating, processed food, sodas have bad effects on health.

Eat fresh, healthy, and mindfully!

❌High BMI increases the risk of the disease.

Weight loss can help!

❌High Blood pressure aggravates the condition.

Keep it under control!

❌Low HDL, High TGL levels are some of the markers of ill health.

Eat healthily and take your medicines!

❌Risk increases with age

Age is just a number if you’re taking good care of yourself!

❌Genetics and Family history of type 2 diabetes increases the chances.

Check your HbA1C regularly!

❌Gestational diabetes increases the risk for DM later in life.

Keep your numbers in check!

❌PCOS and Insulin resistance may proceed to DM

Treatment reduces the risk!

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